Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Endorsements from respected thinkers and soldiers

Praise for Conflict:

'Neil Jackson has brought together important photographic evidence of truths that are subversive, because they illuminate the other side of mainstream media propaganda.'

John Pilger, journalist and film maker

‘Neil Jackson’s exhibition is a moving tribute to all that comes with war, peace and everything in between. It is a sad fact that wars in the 21st Century are more and more often fought with the aim of wiping out civilian populations (Darfur), than they are between opposing forces of two uniformed armies. For those of us who have plumbed the depths of human evil and horror in our work, and edged our way closer to the brink of the dark oblivion that wars increasingly seem to embrace, this exhibition speaks powerfully and from the heart.’

Damien Lewis, bestselling author and film maker

‘I like the fact that there is such a broad photographic canvas. I think it (Neil Jackson’s Conflict) shows conflict not to be just something away in a foreign field but also at home too. And often the problems, whether in the Gorbals or Mostar, are remarkably similar in nature although some might not see it at first. Almost all conflict is about the allocation of resources. People fight in war or in civil society to get a better deal. I believe this to be why the Balkans exploded and why there is continuing civil conflict at home, too.’

Colonel Bob Stewart DSO, first British UN commander in Bosnia

‘I have just looked at the Bosnian sections of your work. I found it very moving, with haunting images that consciously avoided sensationalist violence. You captured the essential sadness of it all very well, and also the total inadequacy of the international response. It brought back all the anger I felt at the role of Britain in particular. In general, I thought it was very good and congratulate you on your work.’

Doctor Brendan Simms, professor of the history of European International Relations, Cambridge University, and teaching fellow at the
Centre of International Studies.
Author of Unfinest Hour.

‘I am impressed. This is excellent.’

(former) Major Ferid Kevric, Yugoslav National Army, eyewitness to the first incident of the Bosnian war (Bijeljina, 1992)

Public endorsements

Power Switch personal Message from:
Snow Hope,

'Hi Neil I really felt that was an excellent piece of work! It actually consisted of an awful lot of stuff that was already in my head, but you have put it together very succinctly. I do feel (and have done for some time) that we are being dumbed down, both from the news content perspective and from the point of view of all this realty TV crap. Stories on the news about celebrities and their fecking love lives, whilst the Amazon is being cut down or war is being ramped up in Afganistan or another multi-billion dollar military base is being built in Iraq...... (this has never been admitted on any UK news to my knowledge) Education - the way to pre-program all the new human beings...... why aren't more people questioning what we are doing? And American foreign policy for the last 50 years has been a case of today yes, tomorrow no. I have never seen anything that changes so much! It seems the more I learn / become aware of, the worse that everything appears. I seem to be questioning everything these days - getting very cynical..... By the way I am a AGW sceptic, I think it is just a fear mongering exercise to make us all behave in a certain direction..... the sun is what is responsible for our gloal climate although I do think mankind can affect regional climate to some degree. The current solar minimum will cause global temps to drop - wait and see - mark my words! As for Belfast, we are parochial, on the edge of the British Isles, with easily roiled Celtic blood. We are unimportant in the scheme of things, so leave as is...... My final message is that I agree that the world is being prepared for a new world order - in other words, a single controlling country or group of countries - no doubt North America is angling for this. I find it chilling to think that a man like Baktari predicted that the IIIrd world war has already started and the more I think about this the more I agree that it has - the propaganda has simply hidden this fact - the people don't need to know! I think we are entering very dangerous times and think the worst is to come. Things will get much worse than the Great Depression I am afraid. There is something about 2012 that is eery - I have been interested in the Mayan culture for some years and have read up and investigated in this area. As I am sure you know the end of their calendar is 21st December 2012. I have never been one for end of the world cults, etc, but for the first time I do think that this date is relevant. I don't think the end of the world is coming, but I do think paradigm change is coming. Of what form I am unsure. I am not a religious person at all - the Troubles made sure of that, but I am starting to think that the change is going to involve some kind of cosmic spirituality. Finally, finally, what did Baktari's brother tell you? I always had my suspicions about that man's untimely death...... Regards Michael'

http://www.doomers.us/forum2/index.php?action=pm a very impressive presentation overall.

'Thank you Neil for a moving mix of images and words. I focused on the peak oil section but will go back to read the text on the earlier parts later. I wanted to just go on but felt that I had to say something to you for it takes guts to put yourself out there and you have done it well. Keep it up. Look forward to future images and words. Most moving were the shots of the decaying and rusting buildings and cars, symbols of what is to come. I think we need a bit of fearful rousing in order to get us going. Thanks again, Jan MarkleInverness, CA USA'

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‘Careful not to go the way of Dr. Kelly.’

Ian, Canada

'You have just been sent a personal message by Satori on Life After the Oil Crash Forum.IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.The message they sent you was:great web sitecertainly presents a lot to think aboutwill be doing some extra research into many of the facts presentedespecially liked the part about the "educational system" I am really going to be checking out those references kinda a real world Matrix I would sum it up by saying "we are being lied to"but that's just stating the obvious

‘Yet I'am in shock,,,, excelent work,... I am a teacher , and I want to share with my colleagues your quotations for reflections. I was reading Bordieu and Foucault, but your quoutations affect to me more. Sorry my English is not good, but, I have translated your work for awakening the conscience ... Thank you. MarĂ­a Novak Teacher and educational dreamer. Zacateca, Mexico…

Hi Neil: Mi name is Maria, and I am teacher and studying the Doctorate in Education, my husband Russ Novak shared Your site CONFLICT (http://www.windowsmediapc.co.uk/Conflict/index.html) which really is revealing, and only watched 15 slides...Well, it is hard to think that we've been manipulated, definitely the knowledge hurts...My recognition for your work, Maria'